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Where Will 3D Printing Go Next?

Mar 5, 2020 1:00:00 PM / by Clara Hays

An innovation entrepreneur has goals to eliminate the housing crisis in Latin America using 3D printing.

3d-printing-innovation-engineer-printWhen you think of 3D printing, do you think of toy figurines or maybe a part for a machine? 3D printing has surpassed the "little things" and is taking on a bigger issue ... the housing crisis. In Latin America, Yces Behar – the founder of Fuseproject – has a plan to use 3D printing to print an entire neighborhood for those who can't afford housing. He shares in an article on PlanSwift, "the process has been beautifully collaborative" but has also brought about a number of challenges and questions.

How Construction with 3D Printing Works

Construction using 3D printing is still up-and-coming, but the progress seems to be skyrocketing everyday. The industry is adapting to various ways to incorporate 3D printing, including developing a technique that uses a “large 'printer' to extrude mortar into the programmed patterns through a nozzle that moves as it’s programmed." The most amazing fact about this project is that it only takes 48 hours to construct an entire house! That means a 20-house neighborhood could be constructed and move-in ready in less than two months. With that rate, neighborhoods could be all over the world in less than a year. Now that is world-changing.

Behar's 3D-Printed Homes

Behar wants to ensure these houses are "built to sustain multi-generational Canva - Architecture Blueprint with Pen and Rulerfamily growth" and also "integrate local needs." Houses come equipped with everything from built-in kitchens to outdoor spaces for raising chickens and more. They are designed to cost around $10,000 and to be used for families living on less than $200 a month. He hopes to begin production this year and is already receiving support. 

This would not only be the start of a new era of construction and 3D printing but also could change the lives of many and their families for years to come.

To read more about 3D printing a neighborhood in Latin America: The World's First 3D Printed Neighborhood.

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Clara Hays

Written by Clara Hays