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Trying to catch a sneak peak at what we’re bringing to the table at ISTE 2019?

May 14, 2019 9:06:00 AM / by Jenni LaMont

You’ve come to the right place. While I can’t tell you all our secrets, I guess it’s OK if I give you a few hints to wet your whistle. Our main sources of excitement around the office have been focused around three things: robotics, partnerships and curriculum.



I know you remember our Dobot Magician and Mooz-2. We’re still rocking them out every chance we get. Our Magicians have traveled across the country, showing off their impressive laser engraving, writing, and production line replication skills. The Mooz-2 always gets attention while 3D printing statues, puzzles, and more. This year though, we’ve got some awesome new robotics ready to WOW you with their impressive skills, programming capabilities, and knack for attracting the attention of students in the blink of an eye. We'll even have on display a huge super-villain model that was created with one of our new 3D printers. I can’t tell you who it is — there’s gotta be some element of surprise at the show. Aren’t you excited?

Our current product line is already pretty great — give our products a peep here.



Who knew that Matt Miller was so cool? Ok, you probably did already because you're hipper than I am. We’re partnering with him this spring to create some awesome tools for STEM teachers to use. Think lesson planner, digital resources, and more. You should check him out on Twitter @jmattmiller. While you’re add it, give @STEMEduWorks and our new Director of Curriculum, @NerdCoreTeacher a follow, too.

Check out the teacher resources we’ve already assembled here. Learn more about Beau, our new Director of Curriculum here.



We’ve been working diligently with Purdue University on creating and perfecting our next course to accompany our previously released curriculum. Our plan is to bring snippets of our next course to ISTE 2019 so you can see how amazing our curriculum truly is. Just know that this course focuses on technology, engineering and manufacturing.

You can check out our original curriculum here, or request a free sample if you’re interested.


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Jenni LaMont

Written by Jenni LaMont