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Tips on Promoting Student Interest in STEM

Jul 1, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Neal Snapp

It’s no mystery that subjects like math and science often fail to excite students, especially those who are younger. These subjects may even seem intimidating, preventing your students from entering a field that, once they were introduced to the many capabilities of STEM, would make for a rewarding choice of study and career path. This post will explore a few tips that may help your students realize just how cool STEM can be!

1. Bring in an Expert

Putting on a show and tell with experts from the STEM field could help students learn how fascinating the application of STEM can be in the real world. It may also encourage them to believe that they, too, can become scientists, engineers, IT technicians, etc.

2. Get Outside

Sometimes, getting outside of the classroom can be the necessary change that students need to spark their interest in a STEM career. Math and science may be intimidating within the confines of a classroom, but if you explore the subjects outside and relate it to the real world, suddenly things aren’t so scary.

3. Make it Exciting

Piggybacking off of tip #2, showing the exciting side of STEM is a great way to pique the interest of your students. But you don’t have to go outside to accomplish this. Present cool and engaging problems for your students to solve, such as figuring out the force that Superman would have to exert in order to reverse Earth’s rotation. Combining pop culture with STEM is often a good way to make tough subjects relatable to your students. Read our blog, STEM in Pop Culture and its Impact for more on this.

4. Introduce Robotics

Your students will probably love playing with a robotic arm or a programmable model car. Introducing them to STEM tech will show them that the real-world application of STEM isn’t just about solving pages of pointless math worksheets, but rather that the field is about innovation and advancement.

5. Parents are Essential

Teachers can only do so much to promote their students’ interest in STEM. Parents play a key role in this, too. Try to get parents to encourage their kids to explore, to create, to problem solve. This encouragement at home can have a huge positive impact on the futures and careers of your students.

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Neal Snapp

Written by Neal Snapp