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Time management is crucial to student health and success

May 20, 2020 12:00:00 PM / by Rebecca Ellis

Research has shown students are feeling more overwhelmed than ever due to increasing demands of society on them. However, the solution may lie in time management skills, according to time-management researcher Brad Aeon.

One of the most valuable tools for time management is to complete time-use surveys, as most students are not fully aware of the ways in which they spend their time until they see it mapped out. This can ultimately help students identify the underlying problem that may be causing them to feel as though they do not have enough time to meet expectations.

Canva - Space Gray Iphone 6 on Black Line PaperHowever, time-use surveys are only the beginning. Homework has been steadily increasing for students in the past several years, and consequently recess has been on the decline. Because of this, more pressure is placed on students to perform well academically and don’t get much of a break where they can relax. Because of this, it is important to lower the pressure on students by providing a balance between academic rigor and breaks like recess.

Finally, students have a limitless number of extracurricular ways they can spend their time, and often students are overloading themselves with these activities, which is also causing them to feel overwhelmed. In this way, it is important for students to only dedicate themselves to a few activities intentionally to avoid being overwhelmed.

With these tools, students will be able to structure their time and learn time management skills that will lead to fewer feelings of being overwhelmed and greater success.

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Rebecca Ellis

Written by Rebecca Ellis