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Online learning requires teachers to make a virtual connection

Apr 8, 2020 12:00:00 PM / by Rebecca Ellis

The online learning environment provides obstacles for students and teachers alike. Students still need to feel like they have a relationship with their teachers and are in an environment where they can take risks and ask questions, despite being on an online platform, so teachers must adapt to foster this type of environment for their students.

In doing this, teachers must build on their face-to-face teaching and develop courses that are compatible with their teaching styles. In doing this, they must start with communication. Canva - Woman Using a Laptop

It is important to remind students that they are interacting with a real teacher who is reviewing their work and providing feedback, so teachers should be providing personalized details about the student’s work to make them feel supported rather than alone.

However, professional development is the key to becoming a successful online educator. One way of doing this is through VHS Learning’s Online Training Methodologies course, which places teachers in their own online communities where they learn how to maintain an inviting homepage, facilitate discussions, and encourage questions through simulation.

Being a great online teacher isn’t something that comes naturally: it requires experimentation and professional development, but with an increase in technology use, it is becoming an important skill for teachers to learn.

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Rebecca Ellis

Written by Rebecca Ellis