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Mobile Makerspace in STEM Education

May 20, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Neal Snapp

Makerspaces offer students hands-on experience and allows them to practice what they’re taught in lectures. In this post, we’ll explore the idea that making your makerspace mobile can help benefit students the most! What do we mean by “mobile”? In addition to being portable, we’re suggesting you make use of mobile technologies, as well!

Portable Makerspace

Making the most of your makerspace could mean turning it into a portable component of your classroom. Try organizing it in such a way as to fit everything within a wheeled cart which can then be moved around the school to other rooms, giving access to a wider range of students. You could even try having an outdoor makerspace session and see if it sparks anyone’s creativity.

If advanced technologies, such as 3D printers, are out of your school’s budget, you could try having one delivered to you on a bus. Imagine a food truck, but it’s filled with awesome tech, instead! There are numerous options available for what kind of mobile makerspace you want to rent, whether it’s bio related, BioBus, or more broad, STEM Bus, you have access to all of the expensive tech you could imagine, giving your students hands-on experience with top of the line equipment.

Mobile Tech

Another aspect of having a “mobile” makerspace is how you choose to utilize mobile technologies like laptops, smartphones, apps, and other resources. A makerspace lacking technology can still be a fantastic place to foster creativity, but if you have access to mobile tech, why not expand the impact your makerspace can have on your students? Challenge them to use laptops to run robotics programs or their smartphones to make a video about the process of design. Be creative with it and don’t forget to keep it fun!

However you choose to define “mobile,” designing a makerspace that maximizes its impact on your students can play an important role in the development of their creativity and problem solving.

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Neal Snapp

Written by Neal Snapp