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Making Your Makerspace Purposeful

Apr 15, 2019 11:05:00 AM / by Neal Snapp

A classroom makerspace gives your students valuable hands on experience and encourages them to think creatively. But not all makerspaces are created equal, and it’s your job as an educator, to determine how to make the best of yours.

District CIO’s Article on Makerspaces

A great resource, Making Makerspaces, written by District CIO’s Ariana Fine covers important aspects that you should consider when setting up your own makerspace. Fine suggests that instead of focusing solely on the tools and materials in a makerspace, educators and school leaders need to first determine the ultimate purpose of the space, the funding and staff capacity, and what kind of students will be using the makerspace. By building this foundation prior to creating your makerspace, you are setting your students up for success down the road.

Be sure to check out Fine’s full article and browse some of the recommended resources that she shares at the end!


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Neal Snapp

Written by Neal Snapp