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STEM Education Works Unveils the Best of ISTE 2019

Jul 3, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Sara Siener & Kelsey Batt

STEM Education Works, subsidiary of SDI Innovations, announces new partnerships at International Society of Technology in Education ConferenceSo, you thought there wasn't anything left to bring to the table?
You could not be more wrong!

STEM Education Works has made its mark in 2019, showcasing the latest innovations exhibited in Philadelphia.   

For the second year, STEM Education Works takes a new approach to education technology by targeting diverse age groups and user-friendly software — making STEM education better than before. But we could not have made this happen without the best and the brightest: EdTech influencer Matt Miller, Education Development Expert Beau Scott, MODI, Sindoh, and ElecFreaks.

Spokespersons, Ed Tech Influencer, Matt Miller & Education Development Expert, Beau Scott

Matt Miller, the famed author and influential EdTech leader, presented alongside our Education Development Expert, Beau Scott at the STEM Education Works booth. The two bantered back and forth: while Miller touched on the key skills necessary for the future of the classroom, Scott presented how the products and vision of STEM Education Works supported those important skills. 

Here’s a quick run-down of their rapport:

Matt: Give students control. Students know what interests them. They know what piques their interest when it relates to your content area. Why not let them have some say in what they learn — and how they do it? How can we hand over some of our own control to the students?

Beau: SDI products such as MODI provide students the opportunity to explore and create independently, taking learning into their own hands. MODI modules and the MODI coding studio are both simple and brilliantly connective. What’s the most popular building and creating tool many of our students already have access to?  Legos! And guess what, MODI modules connect directly with the Lego bricks students are already so fond of!

Matt: Let them decide between subtopics. Let them decide how they demonstrate learning. Let them decide how they collaborate with classmates. Giving students small choices in their learning helps them to own it and encourages them to take bigger steps. 


MODI - IoT Coding Blocks

At ISTE 2019, MODI made its first United States debut of the 

robotic toolkit that teaches students coding in a tactile way. Representatives of the company traveled all the way from South Korea to spend time with us at our booth and showcase the product. 

STEM Education Works is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Modi, which will be available on our website shortly.

MODI is notable for going above and beyond its competitors in its wide functionality and aesthetically pleasing design. 

Learn more about MODI IoT Coding Modules here.

Sindoh 3D WOX 1 & 2X

Sindoh, a South Korean-based 3D printer manufacturer takes 3D printing to the next level. With STEM Education Works serving as its nation-wide distributor, we deliver 3D printing to educators, students, makerspaces, after-school programs and CTE courses. At an affordable price, Sindoh has developed the best built-in user friendly features and high-quality capabilities — allowing Sindoh's 3D WOX 1 and 3D WOX 2X to maximize your 3D printing experience. 

Here, Matt Miller and Beau Scott talk more on Sindoh's 3D printing technology ...


Matt Miller Speaking


Learn more about Sindoh and their best 3D printing experience by clicking here

ElecFreaks Microcontrollers & Accessories

ElecFreaks, a micro:bit peripheral product manufacturer, offers teachers with technology brilliantly designed to give their students a hands-on robotic experience. With its easy to navigate interface that even a 3rd grader could use, ElecFreaks provides students with programmable kits that can be controlled either autonomously or remotely—helping students see value in the importance of coding.

Learn more about ElecFreaks and their Microcontrollers by clicking here.

Our first STEM Superheroes Calendar 

STEM Education Works distributed our first STEM Superheroes calendar at ISTE. With 12 months featuring detailed descriptions and high quality images of admirable scientists, technicians, engineers, and mathematicians — our calendar prompts students of all ages to see first-hand how STEM education has completely transformed the world they live in today.

Alright, folks, that's about it! If you weren't able to make it to ISTE this year, never fear. Check out our Instagram @stemeducationworks for more pictures and Twitter @STEMeduWorks for more updates. 

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