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How Social Media in the Classroom Can Benefit Students

Nov 20, 2018 12:07:00 PM / by Christine Naab

Social media plays a large part in your students’ lives, and while it is often feared as a distraction, social media can enhance your classroom when used correctly. In this post, we’ll focus on the ways classroom social media can benefit your students.


Increased Collaboration

Collaboration is an important part of STEM and using social media in the classroom fosters this in a virtual way, allowing students to work with other STEM classes within their school, as well as those around the country. Through this medium, students can share ideas about what they are learning with other students and can hear about new ideas in return. This will create better results not only in your students’ collaboration skills, but in the resulting classroom projects.


Practiced Digital Citizenship

Because students spend much of their time outside of school on social media, using it in the classroom creates a unique opportunity to discuss the rights and wrongs of using the internet. Because students will be required to take on the role of model digital citizens in the classroom, this may very well translate to the rest of their internet use as well.


Better Writing Skills

Finally, classroom social media requires students to become better and more efficient writers. Students have a limited number of characters to work with on social media platforms like Twitter, so they must make every word count. Students will become more conscious of the way they write, allowing their writing to become more focused and concise.


By implementing social media in your classroom, you could see your students benefit in unexpected areas. The only thing standing in the way is taking the leap to get started.


For more information about implementing it in your classroom, check out this resource: Using Social Media in the STEM Classroom.


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Christine Naab

Written by Christine Naab