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Redefining Learning: How Our Perspective on Technology Changes Everything

Oct 28, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Kelsey Batt

Picture this scene:

It's 2008, and you're a small 3rd grader sitting in a brand new computer lab.

Each kid is staring at a screen, fingers clumsily tapping out the auto-generated, three-word phrases.





3rd grade you is deeply hoping to never, ever have to type anything again once this exercise is up.

 ...but, of course, you'll have to.

The grownups in charge have the foresight to anticipate something you don'tβ€” they know that the computer lab, and the skills you're learning within it, will inevitably become the future.

Now, 11 years later in 2019, typing has become an everyday commonality. Anyone can deftly navigate a keyboard; whether it's that of the PC, iPhone, or anything in between. (πŸ˜ŽπŸ’¬)

And while it's a good thing 3rd grade you wasn't calling the shots with the new technology lessons, that doesn't mean the adults weren't frustrated with the computers and new expectations, tooβ€”

Whenever we stumble upon something foreign and are forced to reckon with it, we're faced with a unique challenge.

And that, in essence, is what education looks like, especially as different and often difficult tech components are added to the curriculum.

The process can be scary for students and educators alike.

Teachers need help in learning the tech themselves and in exposing students to the newly integrated technology in the learning environment.

Typically, the fearless leaders that help guide us through the technological aspects of our job are EdTech specialists.

With each new addition to the classroom, teachers must adapt and familiarize themselves with less than intuitive systems. And the market continually becomes more and more complex. EdTech specialists secure that process along the way.

Schools need collaborative and resourceful individuals with an excellent attention to detail. As the people who help pull the strings behind the frozen screens, blocked websites, and other common issues in the classroom, capable EdTechs have become the secret heroes behind each school day.




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Kelsey Batt

Written by Kelsey Batt