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Easy Activities to Teach Students Coding

Oct 18, 2018 3:03:00 PM / by Christine Naab

Coding is popping up seemingly everywhere, in every job field and in everyday life. More than ever, it is important that students have a strong understanding of how programming works. While there are a variety of online programs that offer to teach coding to your students, it can be difficult to understand where it’s best to begin. In this post, we will explore some of the best activities to do with your students to get started in coding.

Interact with Robots

Interacting with robots can be one of the best ways to teach students coding. If you have access to a robot use in your classroom, design a creative activity centered around the robot. Try making it dance or having it play a game of checkers with students. Simple tasks will allow for students to become familiar with basic visual programming languages in an engaging way that encourages further involvement. Robots in the classroom bring an element of fun to coding.


Create an Animation to Accompany Material

Robotics is not the only way for students to learn how to code. Another way is to ask students to develop an animation that accompanies concepts you are currently working on in the classroom. You will be encouraging creativity and reviewing useful concepts, while also teaching students the valuable skill of coding. Start with basic animation and add elements each week. By making a slow and fun progression that incorporates incentives and groupwork, students will be motivated to continue pursuing coding.


Develop a Classroom Website

While creating a classroom website might not be as initially enticing to students as a robot interaction or animation, building it can serve as an effective way for students to become familiar with different types of coding. Accompanied by your guidance, students will not only have a quality finished product to be proud of, but they’ll also have something they’ve created to put on their résumé for after they graduate.


There are countless ways to introduce coding into the classroom regardless of your resources at hand. Whether you try robotics, animation, or website design, the most important thing is that you simply begin.


For more information about integrating coding into your classroom and why it is important, check out this resource: Introducing Coding in the Classroom.


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Christine Naab

Written by Christine Naab