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E-learning caused many educators to rethink their message about ed-tech

Jul 22, 2020 12:00:00 PM / by Rebecca Ellis

With March’s sudden shift to e-learning due to COVID-19, educators became entirely reliant on ed-tech to teach their students. While there were many bumps with this transition, there also came the reminder to many of the benefits of screens, such as connection and simulation. This, according to District Administration, is causing some to rethink the “engagement” message as ed-tech’s main draw.

Because of this, it’s important for educators to focus on the idea that ed-tech provides many new opportunities for students that perhaps aren’t available in a traditional classroom. One instance of this is scientific simulations so that students can visualize and better understand concepts like molecular chemistry or zoology.

Canva - Kids Learning from HomeEd-tech also enables the development of valuable college- and career-readiness skills, such as critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity. With its endless opportunities for learning while also offering a space to collaborate and communicate more effectively, students often find technology as a means that links them together.

Because of this, educators and parents should focus on providing their students with proper guidance about using ed-tech responsibly, as students are growing up in an era where there are screens everywhere. Focus areas should include being responsible about which groups students belong to and thinking before posting anything on the internet.

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Rebecca Ellis

Written by Rebecca Ellis