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Dispelling Common STEM Myths

Oct 21, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Kelsey Batt

Let's play a game of true or false. Answer the next five questions in your head:

1. STEM overwhelms young learners (t/f)

2. STEM overwhelms elementary teachers (t/f)

3. We don't have time for STEM (t/f)

4. We don't have money for STEM (t/f)

5. Basics first, then applicable STEM later (t/f)

How many did you answer false? How many did you answer true?

According to the experts, all of the above are false.

Surprised? Let's review:

1. STEM is not only successfully able to be taught at a young age, it is often better received. Similar to how crucial language skills are developed at a young age, the skills kids absorb from exposure to STEM early on carries them through the rest of their education performing at a significantly higher level.

2. Elementary school teachers handle a roomful of five and ten-year-old's everyday, and that speaks for itself. They could not possibly be scared of STEM.

3. Fitting the current curriculum is tough as it is, and that's partly why the importance of STEM deserves recognition overall.

4. STEM does not require a large budget to be taught and taught well.

5. STEM is a part of the basics.

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Kelsey Batt

Written by Kelsey Batt