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Communication in STEM has never been more important

Mar 25, 2020 12:00:00 PM / by Rebecca Ellis

In difficult times, humans have always been proven to get through things together, and although social distancing has prevented students and educators from meeting in-person, there are still plenty of opportunities to stay connected.

Canva - Boy Watching Video Using Laptop-1One important aspect of STEM education is face-to-face communication, and there are several ways to keep face-to-face instruction alive without actually meeting in-person, as this interaction is important to remind students that their instructors are still there to support them every day. In a similar way, this digital face-to-face interaction is also important among educators to make sure they’re keeping professional development opportunities alive and working as a team within their school.

There is a variety of digital videoconferencing software available to educators to keep this face-to-face interaction thriving, including Zoom, Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, and others.

Another component of staying connected is keeping a schedule and maintaining collaboration on projects. In this way, real-world projects can still be assigned,Canva - Man Wearing Gray Blazer looking to build prototypes using supplies commonly found around the home or that would be available to all students, and invite students to work together to come up with solutions collaboratively , whether that be through email or chatrooms or videoconferences.

By keeping group work alive, the important soft skills students learn in STEM education, such as collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking.

Without collaboration and communication, STEM education would not be reaching its full potential, as the best ideas result from working together. However, with a wide variety of technologies and opportunities to communicate in a digital space, schools will get through these challenging times together and become stronger for it.

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Rebecca Ellis

Written by Rebecca Ellis