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Challenges of Introducing Technology to the Classroom

Jul 15, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Neal Snapp

Technology is supposed to revolutionize the classroom experience, and it often does. It is a great tool that educators can use to maximize their impact on their students. However, most teachers can remember a time—or several—where technology has not been as compliant as it was designed to be. This post will explore three commonly encountered challenges regarding technology use in the classroom.

Discrepancies Among Devices

If students are asked to bring certain technology from home, such as for taking notes or running different sorts of software, there can be a huge difference in the capabilities of these devices and the programs they’re running. This can cause issues for you as an educator, as you may have to include multiple sets of instructions or assign different tasks that are specific to each type of device.

Technological Distractions

This issue is widespread among most classrooms that allow students to use personal devices. With all the amazing benefits that technology brings to students, it also provides a near infinite number of ways for them to focus on something other than the lesson. With texting, social media, games, google searches, and even online homework, it’s no wonder that students often focus their attention elsewhere. It may even serve as a distraction for other students in the room who can see the screens of their peers. Read our resource about keeping students engaged in your STEM lesson: Implementing Active Learning in STEM Teaching, and be sure to check out this article on how to flip social media on its head and implement it in your classroom: Using Social Media in the STEM Classroom!

Limited Access to Technology Outside of School

Often, as an educator, you assign work to be done outside of school hours. However, be aware that not every student has access to certain internet privileges or even has a computer at all, due to anything from a low socioeconomic status to living in a rural area. As such, you should be cognizant of these challenges and think twice before assigning homework that can only be completed with the right kind of technology. Something that may alleviate this issue is by Incorporating Tech into Your School Library to allow students to work with technology outside of the classroom.

These are just three of the many issues that may arise when introducing technology into your classroom. It’s always beneficial to be aware of such challenges so that you can better utilize the wonderful tool of technology and help your students succeed in their STEM career.


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Neal Snapp

Written by Neal Snapp