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5 edtech grants that can help you in 2019 - 2020

Sep 9, 2019 12:00:00 PM / by Sara Siener

Are you looking to add technological materials and supplies to your school in 2019-2020?


When looking at the effects of technology today, "it is virtually impossible to name an industry that has not been transformed ...  Education is no exception." - School of Education

Education Technology

It is no surprise that school districts are pursuing technology in a rapidly progressive era. With educational apps and other software transforming pedagogical methods and study habits, you can see now more than ever its integration into our school districts. And with Google education apps reaching "more than 30 million primary and secondary school students," the edtech market has become a rising phenomenon. 

Grants play the essential role of providing funding to schools that they may not be able to afford to equip their educators with the tools they need to keep their pedagogical practices relevant to today's day and age. Therefore, edtech grants are needed to help provide school districts access to resources they desperately need like software systems and instructional training that could improve their schools' curriculum.

The good news is that there are many resources available to use when wanting to initiate a digital transformation in your school district.

In a District Administration (DA) article, Emily Ann Brown lists 5 edtech grants for education technology, plus additional resources that are available to your access and can help you find the funding you need for this school year. Here are a few of the listed resources.

EdTech Grants

  1. Funding Digital Learning
  2. The Foundation for Blended and Online Learning Innovative Educator Prize
  3. Digital Wish
  4. Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
  5. GetEdFunding

Click on the links above to learn more. List 1-5

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Sara Siener

Written by Sara Siener