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3 Reasons Why Robotics Enhance Your Classroom

Oct 5, 2018 10:11:27 AM / by Rebecca Ellis

Years ago, robotics seemed to be a thing of the future and would illicit thoughts of things like flying cars or time machines. Now, robots are prevalent everywhere from the workforce to everyday life. Because of this, robotics have an important role in the classroom.


Typically, robots can be integrated into any current subject lesson plan for a variety of reasons, making introducing them pain-free. However, with countless types of robots available, it can be intimidating to know how and where to start.


In this post, we’ll take a deeper look into why students should be exposed to robots early and how using robotics can enhance your classroom.


Workforce Development

Robotics is becoming increasingly prevalent in the workforce, from making the production line more efficient in industries, to creating more opportunities in medicine, and everything in between. To ensure they’re prepared for their first day on the job, it is crucial that students become familiar with robotics while in school. The over-arching intent of school is to provide students with the skills they need in the workforce, and as the use of technology shifts and increases, it is important that technology in the classroom follows suit.


Boosted Engagement

There’s no denying it, robots are often considered more fun than reading through a textbook or roaming the internet. Therefore, students are more likely to be engaged in studying concepts where they use robotics to gain greater understanding of subject matter. An increased engagement will encourage students to learn more from the material, especially when utilizing a hands-on activity with robots rather than sitting behind a desk.


Better Understanding of Technology

Not only does the addition of robotics to the classroom prepare students for their future professions, it further engages students in their learning environment. Working with robots boosts students’ abilities to work with technology and increases their understanding of it. By incorporating topics like digital citizenship and ethics, working with robotics can also help students develop the right mindset when working with technology. Further, robotics has been shown to help students better understand technological concepts such as systems thinking and computer aided design.


Take the leap and consider the addition of robots to your classroom. Watch how it not only enhances your students’ classroom experience, but also propels them toward their future.


For specifics about choosing the right robot and getting started, download and read: Introducing Robotics to the Classroom.


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Rebecca Ellis

Written by Rebecca Ellis